All by-laws must be approved by the Municipal Council of the Township of East Hawkesbury. If a person wishes, all documents on this page, are available in print. Our staff at the Township of East Hawkesbury are available to discuss a document or to give you a summary.

We are committed to being accessible to all. The following by-laws of public interests are for information purposes only. While every effort was taken to ensure the accuracy of the documents, the following documents do not supersede the original by-laws.

Whereas most of the following by-laws are available only in English, we are currently working on translating by-laws of public interests. 

By-Law no.2008-61  Being a By-law to license, regulate and prohibit the running at large of dogs within the municipality and to regulate the keeping of dogs.

By-Law no.2020-74 Animal Control By-Law Amendment to replace Schedule A by By-Law 2020-48.

By-Law no. 20019-19 Being a By-Law to regulate the operation of “All Terrain Vehicles (ATV)” within the Township. 

By-Law no. 2005-40 Being a by-law to provide for the construction, demolition, change of use and transfer of permits and inspections.

 By-Law no. 2020-47 Being a By-Law to establish fees and regulate the boat launch facility and parking lot.

By-Law no. 2019-69 Being a By-Law to regulate the discharge of firearms.

By-Law no. 2020-52 Being a By-Law to regulate the installation of private entrances, culverts and catch basin for residential front yard drainage. To prohibit the obstruction of ditches, watercourses and other water outlets.

By-Law no 2020-48 Being a by-law to impose fees and charges.

Schedule"A" to 2020-57 Fees and Charges

By-Law no.93-18 Being a By-Law to respect the erection and maintenance of fences.

By-Law no.2020-08 to prohibit heavy trucks on certain highways in the Township.

By-Law no. 2021-07 A By-law to establish the Office of the Integrity Commissioner and a Complaint Protocol for the Council Code of Conduct of the Corporation of the Township of East Hawkesbury.

By-Law no. 2021-05 is to establish a Code of Conduct for Members of Council and to approve the appointment of an Integrity Commissioner.

By-Law no. 92-39  Being a By-Law restricting the weight limit of loads to be carried by vehicles on certain highways.

By-Law no. 2023-41 to control noise in the Municipality.

By-Law no. 2016-44 Being a By-Law to Regulate open air burning within the Municipality.

By-Law Amendment 2018-62 Being a By-Law to specify certain dates permitting Open air burning.

By-Law no. 2018-80 Being a By-Law to regulate parking within the limits of the Township. 

By-Law no.2020-25 Being a By-Law to prohibit and regulate the depositing of waste on highways within the township.

By-Law no.2003-58 Being a by-law to provide standards for the Maintenance and Occupancy of Properties in the Township. 

By-Law Amendment 2019-57 Being a By-Law to add definitions and adding conditions.

By-Law no. 99-35 Being a By-Law for prohibiting the setting of fires and for prohibiting or regulating the setting off of fireworks.

By-Law no.2015-27 Being a By-Law to establish certain provisions with respect to the installation of swimming pools and enclosures.

By-Law no.2021-63 Being a by-law to authorize the execution of a service contract between The Corporation of the Township of East Hawkesbury and GRS Sanitation Inc. for the collection and transportation of non-hazardous waste.

By-Law Amandement 2022-29 Being a By-Law to amand By-Law no.2021-63 for the service contract with GRS Sanitation Inc. for spring yard waste collection.

By-Law no. 2021-22 Being a by-law to regulate the use of lands and the character, location and the use of buildings and structures in Township of East Hawkesbury.

Schedule "A" Base Map of Zoning By-Law no. 2021-22

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